Burny Super Grade "Les Paul Style" Electric Guitar

Burny Super Grade "Les Paul Style" Electric Guitar
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Burny Super Grade "Les Paul Style" Electric Guitar. From what we can gather this is a late 1980's model (1986-87) and is in exceptional condition. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

The brand Burny was birthed after Fernandes began making Fender copies in the early 1970's. The Burny brand was given as the division that made Gibson replicas.

When it began in the 70's, there were no problems with copyright issues. This saga only surfaced a decade later in the mid 80's when Fender and Gibson felt that their empire was threatened. To avoid the copyright war, Fernandes began to make changes to certain parts of their design like truss rod cover, shape etc.

For the Burnys, the LP models were given the name “Super Grade” instead of “Les Paul.” The wording were crafted to look just the words "Les Paul". If you are not familiar with the "Super Grade" series, you may mistaken the words as "Luper Grade" due to it's attempt to model the words "Les Paul". For the Gibson copies, fortunately the most part of the design stayed the same. E.g., angle ratio between body and neck, curves on the maple top, and even the open book design on the headstock.

The Burny Super Grade Les Paul’s have been reported by many recording and gigging professionals as “the best” clone of the real classic 50’s and 60’s Les Paul’s. They say the feel is identical and especially enjoy how Burny focused on making really fat necks on their Standards. Some go as far as claiming that these copies matches neck to neck with a vintage Les Paul - which cost around US$30,000. 

Check out some info below that we have found about these rare and sought after "law suit" era guitars.

Fernandes was established in 1969 in Japan. Fernandes initially made acoustic guitars and started making electric guitars around 1971 or 1972. The Burny Les Paul models first appeared in the mid 1970s. Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols has used Burny guitars as has Hideto Matsumoto from X Japan, Mike Clark of Suicidal Tendencies, Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Steve Hackett of Genesis, Billie Joe of Green Day and Duff McKagan in his side project Loaded.

Amongst all the different lawsuit copies, Burny are regarded to have the best pickups. Fernandes had their L-5000, L-5000 Vintage II, and L-5001 single coil pickups, while the Burny model Les Paul’s got the famous VH-1 pickups, that have extraordinary tone. The only reason why they have come this far in their tone is because of the timeless effort they have put in R&D.

The higher priced Burny electric guitars had VH-1 Gibson PAF style pickups installed from 1985 onward. The early VH-1 pickups, starting in 1983 (installed in Burnys from 1985 to 1987) are approximately 7.5 kΩ DC resistance, are handwound, and have alnico magnets. The VH-1 pickups from 1987 onward are approximately 8.2 kΩ DC resistance, have ceramic magnets, and are not wax potted.

The higher end Burny guitars have fret edge binding and most models were finished with a thin polyurethane finish with only a few high end models having nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. The FLG-240, FLG-150, FLG-90 Les Paul models and the FSA-80 Semi Acoustic model were made by Terada from 1980 to 1981. The RLG-150, RLG-120, and RLG-90 models were made by Matsumoku from 1982 to 1986. Some Burny guitars from the 70s and 80s had a tenon-and-dowel neck joint similar to what was used on some Greco guitars. Some Burny guitars from the 1980s had a Matsumoku bolt tenon that was also used on many Matsumoku-made Aria guitars.

The early Burny Les Paul models had a "Les Paul model" logo on the headstock, but that was changed to a "Super Grade model" logo in 1981. The FLG-XX Burny models were made from the mid-70s to the early 80s and the RLG-XX Burny models were made from the early 1980s onwards. Burny has made signature models such as the Randy Rhoads LC-70RR with VH-1 pickups and fret edge binding. Fernandes has also made acoustic guitars using the Fernandes and Burny brand names. Fernandes currently has guitars made in Japan, Korea and China. Fernandes does not have its own guitar manufacturing factories, and relies on OEM guitar manufacturers to make its guitars.

Fernandes has used many different factories to manufacture Burny guitars, including Terada in the 1970s, Tōkai in the late 1970s, Terada (FLG models) in the early 1980s, Matsumoku (most RLG models), FujiGen (most RLC models) from the early 1980s up until Matsumoko's demise in 1986, Dyna Gakki from 1986 to the mid 1990s, and currently Tokai. FujiGen were not making many set neck guitars in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Atlansia have supplied body and neck parts for Fernandes. Matsumoku, Santai and Dyna Gakki have also contributed to Fernandes training programs. Fernandes/Burny Japanese Acoustics up till 1982 were made by Hayashi Gakki and from 1982 by Headway. Chinese Burnys are currently made by Yako (Taiwan)


This guitar has found a new home........

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